In addition to the tailor-made production of flexible tubes, isoflex offers a multifaceted choice of surface refinements.

Ultimately the longevity of isoflex flexible tubes depends upon the optimal alignment of the tubes with the specific surface structures that the different fields of application demand.

isoflex Surface Refinements:

Lacquered Surfaces

Lackierte Schwanenhälse
Lacquered goosenecks

  • Lacquering in all RAL-colours available on the market
  • NEXTEL-lacquering
  • Polishing and subsequent ZAPON-lacquering of brass
  • Matt-finishing and subsequent ZAPON-lacquering of aluminium

Electroplated Surfaces

Goosenecks with electroplated surface
Goosenecks with electroplated surfaces (bright chrome, dull chrome, dull nickel, brushed nickel, bright nickel)

  • Nickel – Chrome – Brass – Gold – Alu look – Titan look – Stainless steel look

Polyolefin Surfaces

Polyolefin umschrumpfte Schwanenhälse
Polyolefin shrinked goosenecks

  • Coloured coating with heat shrink tubes (polyolefin heat shrink tubing)
  • Lacquering in all RAL-colours available on the market with subsequent transparent heat shrink tubing (polyolefin heat shrink tubing)
  • PTFE heat shrink tubes (PTFE shrink tubes)
  • New: Siliconcoating (200°C, 300°C temperature resistant / FDA- and medicine compliant)

Flexible Metallschläuche, Schwanenhals